2018 Case Competition Client: Mandarin Playground


Mandarin Playground operates an academy providing Chinese language arts instructions to children between ages 3 to 15. Conceived in January 2017 and launched in September 2017, we now have 200+ clients through referral. We target parents with aspirations for their children to gain and maintain a strong sense of cultural competency and global citizenship through language arts. Mandarin Playground is led by a team of experienced professionals who are highly passionate about educating children. With unique curricula delivered through online and on-site programs, Mandarin Playground is able to attract new students and retain them for more advanced levels, thereby building an expanding student body. With a go to market strategy from the Case Competition, Mandarin Playground plans to prove our concept and accelerate our growth with two academic years (Sept 2018 to August 2020). More info about us on Facebook via http://fb.me/mandarinplayground or WeChat Business Account (ID: Ufunchinese).